So what is this Mead stuff?

//So what is this Mead stuff?

So what is this Mead stuff?

At the simplest mead is honey and water, fermented with yeast.  It can be any sweetness level from super dry to super sweet.  It can be made with spices or fruits or almost anything you can think of.  It has been made for thousands of years and it the oldest alcoholic beverage.  It was thought that ancient hunters & gatherers had water in a pouch and found honey and added it to that pouch.  The sloshing and warmth started it fermenting and it turned from a sweet drink into something alcoholic.

Jump to many years later…

Something interesting has happened in the last two years.  When we used to ask people if they had ever had mead before the answer was typically “What is mead?” or “What kind of meat?”  We didn’t really think much of it because it has always been an uphill battle but recently we realized the answer had changed more and more to “I know what mead is, but I’ve never had it.” or an even better answer of “Yes, I’ve had mead before.”  This can only be good news!  It shows that all of the marketing and education the mead makers are doing is paying off.  There have been a lot of books and movies and TV shows (plus a well known light beer commercial) referencing mead and we couldn’t be happier.  The term mead is the oldest fermented beverage that no one has ever heard of now needs to be mead is the oldest fermented beverage that not everyone has heard of…yet!  We are very excited that we are a part of history, part of something new that is so old, something different.  We thank all of our friends, family, and supporters for helping us to get to this point.  The only way is up!  Dilly dilly.


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