Making mead – ask us!

//Making mead – ask us!

Making mead – ask us!

We love when people tell us that make mead!  Its a really fun group of people from all walks of life.  Some are homebrewers, some have made mead with family, and others just picked it up once they tasted mead.  We know some who have made mead for 25+ years and others that just bought honey to start their first batch.  We always try to foster the entire mead culture from helping first timers, troubleshooting batches, sharing mead with other people and commercial meaderies, answering questions online, and just trying to boost mead in general.   Its the oldest fermented beverage that no one has ever heard of and we’re trying to change that.

We love answering questions and sharing mead.  We do occasionally bring in test batches to sample and get feedback from anyone willing to taste!  We try to explain what you are tasting in the mead and how different methods and styles vary and why.  We love questions,   please keep asking.


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  1. Bob Hixson June 14, 2018 at 1:03 am - Reply

    Recipe for one gallon batches of morat??I have beautiful mulberry trees and would like to try to make some ..also anywhere locally to buy champagne or Mead or wine yeast would like to support local if I can?? Please help!!

    • Admin June 15, 2018 at 2:07 pm - Reply

      Hi Bob, thanks for the question.

      I’ve never used (or eaten) mulberries before so I’m not sure how many you would need to get a good flavor. I’ve read that at least 1.5-2 pounds per gallon will give a good flavor.

      For 1 gallon I would make a traditional mead with about 3-3.25 pounds of honey and add water to 1.25 gallons. Then add 1.5-2 pounds cleaned / frozen / crushed mulberries.
      You will lose some volume to the yeast and the fruit so its better to make more than 1 gallon initially. Champagne yeast would be fine but I would suggest 71B or RC212
      yeast with this. Adding 1 pack is good.

      I would suggest a nutrient like Fermaid-K, Fermaid-O, or DAP to keep they yeast healthy. You would add the nutrient at 24, 48, and 72 hours. It would depend on the nutrient
      used as to how much is added. Please let me know if or what type you would be using and I can get you better numbers on that.

      Ferment around 65-67F and mix well for the first few days, mix up the berries twice a day, working some air into the must when you do.

      At about 21 days start checking the gravity and if stable for 3 days rack off of the fruit and lees into a glass carboy and let this age for about a month or two.
      Adding a clarifying agent such as kieselsol or sparkelloid at this point can help to get a crystal clear mead, let that sit for a few days and rack to a carboy.
      Adding sulfite can help preserve the mead as well.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification.

      We do sell mead making kits which include everything except honey and bottles but just ask and we’ll give you as many bottles as you’d like.
      (The kits have a 2 gallon plastic bucket, 1 gallon glass carboy, airlock, hydrometer, auto-siphon & hose, nutrients, cleaner, sanitizer, and a few more items.)

      There are a few homebrew stores in the Pittsburgh area: Vite e Vino in Derry, Brillhart Ace in Scottdale, Ruffled Wine in Oakmont, Country Wines, or South Hills Brewing Supply and
      Pennsylvania Union Brewing in Canonsburg. They all should have a good selection of wine yeast.

      Happy Meading,

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