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The (somewhat) hoppy bitterness in this one is balanced by the sweetness of the mead.

It’s not an over the top hop bomb, but rather a smooth delicious mead that can be enjoyed by all.

Hopped - Available Now!

Roasting the honey over an open fire produces incredible marshmallow and caramel flavors. This mead is a beautiful copper color that showcases the pure Pennsylvania honey that was fire caramelized. Another favorite!

Bochet - Available Now!

Traditional Mead in with nothing but Pennsylvania Wildflower Honey to let the local flowers take center stage! There are no additional fruits or spices added to these. We never add any sugar!

Traditional Mead - Available Now!

Our Maple Mead is made with pure maple syrup from Western Pennsylvania.  By combining honey and maple syrup you get a delicious mead that has a medium body and a surprising smoky maple finish.

Maple Mead - Available Now!

We age real cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans to on base Traditional mead to create this warm and soothing mead. This one is great heated up!

Cinnamon-Vanilla - Available Now!

We use a French Saison yeast to give this one a different flavor.  Fruity and floral  with a tiny hop note.  

Saison - Available Now!

Fresh fruit, spices and the most tempting honey you can imagine.  Our craftsmen pour their energy into reaching the perfect balance of flavors to produce our award winning mead.

We currently have a number of meads available and more in the works.

Our process is simple - start with local Pennsylvania honey, add yeast, fruits or other spices and let the magic to happen!  All of our Meads are 11-13% Alcohol By Volume. (ABV)  

We also have lower alcohol, sparkling mead on draft, style varying by season.  

     Our Mead is priced at     $16.04 + .96 PA Tax = $17.00 or
$16.98 + 1.02 PA Tax = $18.00

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Ginger Mead - Available Now!

A kiss of ginger, not a kick in the face (yet, just wait though.)  Mead aged on fresh ginger until it smells and tastes like that wonderful root!

Whiskey Barrel - Available Now!

We age our traditional in a Dad’s Hat barrel. A wonderful aroma, and sweet vanilla notes highlight this one.

Habanero Mead - Available Now!

We take our Traditional Mead and add a bunch of Habanero peppers.  It’s hot but not too hot and then the heat is replaced by the sweet kiss of honey!