Summer In The City!
5-8 PM


Sparkling Blackberry Mead – 7.5% ABV

On the nose, you’ll first encounter a bouquet sweet blackberries, balanced elegantly by the distinctive floral and honey undertones characteristic of traditional mead. A further swirl in the glass reveals subtle notes of dark fruit, a tantalizing hint of the complexity contained within this beautifully crafted drink.

Hard Lemonade – 5.2% ABV 

This Sparkling Hard Lemonade is the quintessential adult refreshment, perfect for toasting the warmer months! A delicious twist on a classic summer favorite, it marries the nostalgic taste of freshly-squeezed lemonade with a spirited kick.

The aroma is an instant draw, characterized by the unmistakable zing of ripe lemons, a subtle whiff of sweetness, and just a hint of effervescence that reminds you this is not your childhood lemonade.