Fresh fruit, spices and the most tempting honey you can imagine. Our craftsmen pour their energy into reaching the perfect balance of flavors to produce our award winning mead.

We currently have a number of meads available and in the works.

Our process is simple – start with local Pennsylvania honey, add yeast, fruits or other spices and wait for the magic to happen! All of our still Mead is 11-13% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and our Sparkling Mead is 7.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV).

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Still Mead (Glass or bottle)  11-13% ABV

Traditional Mead

Semi-Sweet Traditional Mead in with nothing but Pennsylvania Wildflower Honey to let the local flowers take center stage! There are no additional fruits or spices added to these. We never add anything but pure honey!
Semi Sweet

Dry Traditional

This mead is drier than our regular traditional mead. Great chilled or on ice.

Raspberry Honey Traditional

This mead was made with raspberry honey. The bees were pollinating raspberry bushes. There are not raspberries in the mead.  Sweet and smooth taste.  Great chilled or on ice.


Haywagon Honey Traditional

Local Indiana, PA honey is showcased in this traditional mead. The Haywagon honey is from hives that have been kept on a hay wagon to keep the critters from getting to it.


Chambourcin Pyment (Honey & Grapes)

A pyment is a blend of honey and grapes. We used Chambourcin grapes from Lake Erie to give this mead a great grape finish.

Ginger Mead

We aged our traditional mead on shredded ginger root.

Ginger Hibiscus Mead

Aged on shredded ginger root and hibiscus flowers. This mead has a subtle tartness from the hibiscus and spice from the ginger which is balanced by the sweetness of the mead.

Cinnamon-Vanilla Mead

We age real cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans to on base Traditional mead to create this warm and soothing mead. This one is great heated up!

Maple Mead

Our Maple Mead is made with pure maple syrup from Western Pennsylvania. By combining honey and maple syrup you get a delicious mead that has a medium body and a surprising smoky maple finish.

Hopped Mead

The (somewhat) hoppy bitterness in this one is balanced by the sweetness of the mead.
It’s not an over the top hop bomb, but rather a smooth delicious mead that can be enjoyed by all.

Cranberry Mead

Perfect for pairing with your Thankgiving Turkey.  This one has sweetness from the honey and tartness from the cranberries.

Habanero Mead

We take our Traditional Mead and add a bunch of Habanero peppers. It’s hot but not too hot and then the heat is replaced by the sweet kiss of honey!  375 ml only.

Sake Mead

We used Sake yeast in this mead.  This yeast strain gives the mead a slight fruitiness to it as well as a drying finish reminiscent of a sake rice wine. 375 ml only

Beet Mead

Beautiful gigantic beets from the Keenan Family Farms from the local farmers market shine in this earthy mead. 375 ml only


Sparkling Mead / Cider (Glass or 750ml Growler)  7.5% ABV

Greensburg Location:

Lingonberry Mead

Cherry-Vanilla Mead

Blackberry-Raspberry Mead

Ginger Rhubarb Lemon Mead

Apricot Mead

Cyser – Hard Apple Cider with Honey

Hard Lemonade

May Cocktail of the Month – Mead – a Rita! (Tequila and Lime)

Local Beer

Greensburg Location:

In Cans:

Noble Stein Brewing Company:
Bock Bock – Doppelbock – 8% ABV

Devout Brewing Company:
The Clurichaun – Red Irish Ale – 5.1% ABV

New Crescent Brewing Company – North Huntingdon, PA
Yed Prior – Irish Red Ale – 5.7% ABV
Betelgeuse – Hazy IPA – 6.8% ABV
O’Halley’s Comet – Dry Irish Stout – 5.2% ABV

Cellar Works Brewing – Sarver, PA
Robot Robot – Hazy Double IPA – 8.5% ABV
Fifty Foot Robot – Pale Ale – 5.2% ABV
Ultralight – American Lager – 4% ABV
Hundred Foot Robot – IPA – 6.8% ABV

Boxcar Brew Works – Dubois, PA
Sweet Tart – Sour Ale (Pomegranate and Plum)
Brainfreeze – Fruited Milkshake IPA
Blonde with Dark Roots – Coffee Blonde