We love when people tell us that make mead!  Its a really fun group of people from all walks of life.  Some are homebrewers, some have made mead with family, and others just picked it up once they tasted mead.  We know some who have made mead for 25+ years and others that just bought honey to start their first batch.  We always try to foster the entire mead culture from helping first timers, troubleshooting batches, sharing mead with other people and commercial meaderies, answering questions online, and just trying to boost mead in general.   Its the oldest fermented beverage that no one has ever heard of and we’re trying to change that.

We love answering questions and sharing mead.  We do occasionally bring in test batches to sample and get feedback from anyone willing to taste!  We try to explain what you are tasting in the mead and how different methods and styles vary and why.  We love questions,   please keep asking.